Biography: Sasha Deliz

A disciplined professional with powerful technique and a dynamic personality.   Teaching Since 1980 Languages Spoken: Armenian, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.… Sasha is a master teacher, performer, and choreographer.   Since a young girl, Sasha has been renowned for her knowledge, authenticity, and dedication to the art of Middle Eastern Dance. Sasha has a multicultural background which gave her the advantage in receiving the arts of different dances from her ancestors.
One of her greatest influences and strongest role models was her Armenian grandmother,
Ahavne Khougazian, a Holocaust survivor. After having lost her family and friends to the Holocaust, she fled to America where dance became one of her surviving tools. Ahavne found dancing therapeutic, and soon forgot her past, going on to become a professional dancer.
Sasha was born in Brooklyn, New York into an environment where everyone was always dancing.

She learned much from her Latin grandmother including her favorites of the French and Latin dances. Later, studying under the now famous Serena, Sasha continued her education at NYU – with a major in dance. Sasha teaches different styles of dances with roots from many places including: Armenia, Egypt, Arabia, Lebanon, Spain, and the Orient. She has taught since 1980 in New York, Ohio, and Tampa in a number of Schools, YMCA’s, and different health spas. She now teaches in North and South Tampa along with Wesley Chapel. Students have ranged from Senior Citizens down to small children, including both Male and Female students. Sasha’s patient and unique style of teaching rewards her students with fun and accomplishments. The dance is therapeutic, good for the mind, body, and soul. It is a good cardiovascular workout, so you can loose weight, and keep a healthy heart, along with a healthy, happy you. Do it for yourself, you deserve it!

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